Sunday, February 24, 2008

Choices — Part 2

Finding just the right car to replace our XJ40 was a difficult task. We had prayed as a family and individually for wisdom. But it was still hard to know what would be best. Most cars in our price range were either quite old or were newer but needing extra work. Others were just plain elusive. For instance, setting aside my desire for a Jaguar XJS was difficult but I eventually agreed with my wife to place a bid on a 1997 Saab 900. But for whatever reason, our bid was beaten by $50. We also bid on a 1998 Saab 900 but our bid never reached the reserve price. Then we placed a bid on a 1999 Saab 9-3. That time, our bid was beaten by over $200.

Saturday night, I placed a bid on the Jaguar XJS. But this time, I bid less than the others. The seller started the auction at $1500 with a buy-it-now price of $4500. After placing a low bid of $1827.99 (don't ask me where that number came from), the wait began. Waiting was difficult, especially after having a winning bid for most of the other auctions only to be outbid in the last few minutes. And to make matters worse, the auction ended while we were at church! Aaaahhhh!!!

We arrived home and I immediately went to our laptop in the living room. The wireless internet connection works very well there ... except for this evening. I don't know why, but as soon as I clicked on Internet Explorer the thing locked up! C'mon! So, down the basement stairs I ran to check things out. My first stop was email. Ebay usually lets you know if you've won in a timely manner. But there was nothing. So, I visited My Ebay to see the final results. Click here to see for yourself.


Steven said...

Well, it seems congratulations are in order. I've got one of these on my "got to own one, one day" list but I'm not sure that day will ever come.

Will the kids fit in the back?

Andy Rupert said...

Yes, but if one was available in Oz at that price, you might be interested, eh? What's the latest on your 900. Did I hear you are selling it to a friend?

Re: the kids, it will take some modification, but I think it'll work. The hump in the middle will make things interesting. But I still have that tan leather back seat from our red 900s. I'm thinking that would be a fitting replacement? :) Anyway, we also own a mini-van.