Monday, February 11, 2008

Brand Loyalty

There's something special about being a unique owner of an older SAAB. Owners wave at each other and swap fix-it stories. They blog about their cars. They print SAAB t-shirts and sell them online. The resulting friendships span the globe. But what happens when loyalty meets practicality?

In the comments at, Richo recently wrote some telling words regarding the possibility of switching to a different brand:
I know you can all tell I’m REALLY struggling with this, as I’m sure most of you would too… but there has to be a better reason than simple blind loyalty to Saab, doesn’t there? ... And yes, the big issue is taste, but at what cost? How much and for how long can you swallow the short comings of a car that feels part of your soul. How much disappointment are you willing to bare? ... mmmm, big question.
As you may know, we are contemplating the sale of our Jaguar. The connection to the brand is not as deep as it was with SAAB, but there is something nice about owning a Jag (high maintenance cost, quirky electronics, high maintenance, etc.). However, as I've been looking at possibilities, loyalty to a brand has not been a consideration. So far, I've looked at the following real possibilities:

1995 Buick Riviera

1995 SAAB 900

1986 Mercedes 190

1985 BMW 535i

1982 Porsche 928

For me, the reality of purchasing a different car revolves around several considerations: price, uniqueness, comfort, and practicality. Brand loyalty is really not a consideration. Why should it be?

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EggsnGrits said...

Good thing that you didn't buy the 190. Ugh. Not reliable, not fun, and it's a chick car.