Thursday, January 24, 2008

SAAB wins Ohio Derby ... and does it backwards!

Jefferson Rupert, age nine, entered his sister's SAAB (with her permission, of course) in the 2008 Cub Scout's Pine Derby held this evening at Hale Road Elementary School in Painesville, Ohio. The four-colored open roadster was assembled by David Rupert of Columbus, Ohio and hand painted by it's owner.

The car got off to a poor start, failing to finish in the first heat. After a quick diagnosis, former SAAB mechanic, Andy Rupert, found a mysterious glue substance on the right rear axle. Thankfully, the race officials were able to provide a replacement axle and some graphite dust which made a big difference in the car's performance. (See the movies below.)

In the first two competitions, Jefferson's entry won only one heat. However, the SAAB surprised the incredulous crowd by winning all three heats in the 2008 Backwards Race to capture the trophy! After accepting his prize, Jefferson was overheard saying, "This was a great day!"

The happy winner posed for several pictures but was unavailable for an interview due to an obscure rule requiring school-age children to get to bed at a decent hour. Word has it that Jefferson is expected to compete again next year. It is thought that he might attempt to create an Aero X replica. But after this year's fantastic finish, rumor has it that Team Tata—Jaguar is already knocking at the door. Unfortunately, Jefferson was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winner--and his proud father/pit team leader! :)

Bruce Cline

Doug said...

Great job Jefferson!

mike said...

Great job. I can't see the videos on my computer, but I saw the pictures. That's neat that you were able to find the problem and fix it. That makes winning even more special.
I liked Mr. Cline's comment on the father/pit team leader too. :-)

fastY2K said...

Congratulations to the winners !!!

I see great things in store for you both in the future.....

Bob St. John