Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Steven said...

Nice indeed.

Our family doctor had one when I was younger, and it always looked quite funny back then, but I still wanted one. That's timeless design for you. It still looks quite contemporary today.

Andy Rupert said...

As much as I like the XJ6, I still "think" I'd like to own an XJS. What killed the idea originally was the fact that I couldn't fit in one which had a sun roof.

But since then I've been told by the Jaguar guru in Cleveland that sunroofs were all aftermarket. The significance of that is that the XJS was not designed to lose four inches of headroom to a sunroof.

My hope is that a low priced XJS will become available in the near future. A decent one in Pennsylvania didn't sell for $2500 on Ebay. Who knows, maybe I'll trade up?