Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tata to buy Jaguar?

Ford has been trying to sell-off Jaguar for quite some time. But nothing concrete developed as some buyers didn't want Land Rover with the deal. Who could afford to keep the brand going? Toyota? GM? None of these seemed to be interested at all. Then this morning the question was answered.
Ford Motor Co. picked India's Tata Motors Ltd. as the top bidder for its Jaguar and Land Rover units, the Detroit automaker said Thursday.

Columbus Dispatch
We shouldn't be overly surprised by this announcement. China and India have become more involved in technology in the past decade. Tata Motors (the only Indian car company to be listed on the NYSE) sells cars, trucks, and military vehicles in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Despite their success in those areas, they have not been able to crack the lucrative US market. With the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover, they will.
"The number one reason for an acquisition is they get a footprint which is global," said Vivek Vaidya, a Singapore-based automotive and transport director at Frost & Sullivan. "They shouldn't tamper with the brands or anything related to the customer. It shouldn't become a Tata-Jaguar."

Jaguar has been owned by a number of different corporations. But this acquisition would prove to be the most interesting as India was once the "possession" of Great Britain. If things work out, the British car company will become the possession of India. Quite the turn of events.

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