Friday, December 21, 2007

Maserati Quattroporte

Whenever I purchase mineral oil at Jaguar Cleveland, I like to do several things. First, I look over the Jaguar clothing, hoping that something is on sale. It would be nice to purchase a Jaguar sweatshirt for a little less than $89.99. But it never happens. Second, I always take advantage of the complimentary coffee and hot chocolate. Mixing the two makes a tastey concoction. Last, but not least, I like to look over the cars in the showroom. Along with Jaguars, they also display Maserati sportscars which I think are quite attractive.

As you may know, Maserati has produced a model by the name of Quattroporte for a number of years. Today, while catching up on news with the parts counter guy, he talked about how fast the cars are. Apparently, a mechanic took him for a spin in one a while back. The short ride left a lasting impression on him. But what left a lasting impression on me was what he said about the Quattroporte. After all these years, I had always equated the name with exotic luxury. Just the sound of the name rolls off your tongue. Say it. Qua-tro-por-tay. Pretty cool, eh? Know what it means? Quattro means four. Porte means ... door. What a let down. What's next? The Maserati Portello Posteriore? (hatch back)

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EggsnGrits said...

I truly thought that everybody knew that! Hey -- in Italian, even the tax forms sound good.