Saturday, December 01, 2007

High Maintenance

After purchasing the Jaguar XJ6, I changed the name of my blog from My Saab Story to High Maintenance. The title was meant to be a standing joke about the brand. But despite that well-known observation, the Jag has done fairly well over our first 15,000 miles. We've had to replace the fuel tank, fuel pump, and Climate Control panel, but that is nothing compared to what the owner of this 1993 Jaguar XJS has endured.
What things have gone wrong with the car?

Passenger side heater blower. This was removed with a time spent working behind the dashboard. Off to a Jag center for overhaul and then replaced. Cost £150. I did the removal and refitting myself, the overhaul was done for me.

Rear Differential. This needed the full cage and differential removed. The differential went off for service. Whilst this lot was out the prop shaft went for a union renewal and re-balance. Total cost about £1000. I did the removal of the cage and whole rear suspension unit with a jaguar expert friend. Do not do this unless you have the right tools and a fair amount of room. These are big and heavy units to remove.

Rear Wheel Bearings. Replaced to help cure rear end rumble at speed. Total cost £500. This was high as some interior had to be removed as the anti lock brake sensors were corroded in to the rear hub carriers and the sensors remained in place and the wiring was fed through from the car. This procedure was repeated for the removal of the suspension unit as above.

Air Conditioning. New radiator in the front as it was rotten, new receiver drier as these always need replacing if the system is broken in to, system refill and new valve as this had broken. Total cost around £700.

Front suspension top mount bushes. Replaced to eliminate some front end knocking. This is an inexpensive and easy job. About £20.

New battery.

Cruise control. This was the fault of the year. Tried and tested everything, found it to be the micro switch on the brake pedal. A good lesson to myself, look at the easy things first. New switch £30.

As well as fixing things that have broken, the front cross member has needed replacing due to severe rot, the rear tyres have been renewed, the rear discs and pads were changed when the axle was out and the radiator was replaced as it looked as if it was about to expire.

The Ultimate GT Car
At the current exchange rate, the owner of that car has spent more than US $4,935.33 since purchasing the car 8,000 miles ago! The owner is either (a) an idiot, (b) prints his own money, or could it be that (c) the car is worth it. Fortunately, we are not left without an answer. Here is how he answers our multiple-choice quiz.
I have owned the car for just over a year and would not part with it for anything.
Sadly, I must admit to understanding this kind of thinking. Our three SAAB 900s were very enjoyable — so much so that we (or should I say I) decided to fix them when it might have been better to retire them. Cars can be a lot of fun but as the above quotation proves, they can also take a lot of money to keep going. Be wise.


EggsnGrits said...

15k went by fast.

Andy Rupert said...

You got that right! But it was by far the most comfortable delivery vehicle I've ever driven. Hopefully, I'll find a different job that doesn't require so many miles on my personal vehicle.