Monday, November 26, 2007

Mystery Car XXIX

For the past three months, I have passed this convertible twice a day on my bus route. The car caught my attention because of its wide stance and flared fenders. At first I thought it might be a modified Triumph. But the more I looked at it, the more I began to think that it might be a real production car with a large engine in front. Any ideas? You're on your own at the moment as I still haven't found the owner at home to reveal the car's identity.


Andy Rupert said...

This evening, I was driving home and saw a light on at the place where this car is parked. Long story short, the owner graciously invited me into the garage and explained the whole thing. The car was originally a 1969 Triumph which he widened with the help of a 1974 rear end and portions of the front end. The engine is a Mustang 5.0 rated at about 296 hp hooked to a Thunderbird rear end.

Knowing I owned a Jaguar, he pointed out that when Ford bought them out, they started using Jaguar's "cage" rear end/suspension layout. Because of this, he was able to pop out the whole "cage" and install it in the car.

He also told me I should stop by in the spring when he can take me for a ride. Sounds like fun. But what made me smile was that this was ... his wife's car!

EggsnGrits said...

Shoot, I was going to guess that it actually was a modded Triumph.

IIRC, TVR made a car that looked something like that from the rear in the middle or late 1970's.