Friday, November 23, 2007

$4 per gallon?

Gas prices in NE Ohio have flip-flopped on either side of $3 per gallon of late. (That kinda makes me think a V-12 isn't a viable option nowadays.) The Columbus Dispatch newspaper polled its community about the possibility of higher prices in 2008. Although few participated, 75% of them believe that prices will rise above $4 per gallon.

Yes, its crunch time for us as budgets need to be rearranged to make up for the extra expense, but whenever I'm tempted to complain I think of our missionary friends in Europe who pay two or three times as much. For example, back in 2005, people in Amsterdam were paying $7 per gallon! [1] But why is that? Do OPEC countries likes the USA better than those in Europe?
European prices are considerably higher than they are in America, about 2.3 x higher. Make no mistake: the price of the raw gas is about the same as the U.S., but Europe taxes gasoline at a higher rate. At the moment, taxes in France make up about 70 percent of the pump price.

Gas Prices in Europe - European Gasoline and Diesel Prices
That article reveals the reason for the difference in price in Europe. Which just goes to show that we have much for which to be thankful.
The next time you pull into the station for a fill-up, keep this in mind before you curse the prices: People elsewhere have it a lot worse than we do in America (and we tend to gripe about it the most, it seems!). Take Asia for instance — Hong Kong averages a whopping $6.30 per gallon, with Seoul, South Korea, not too far behind.

The Price of Gas Around the World by Justin Glow, Jun 26th 2007.

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