Friday, October 26, 2007

Who am I?

Trenton and I stopped by Classic SAAB this morning to see if the new 9-3's had come in. I couldn't see one through the showroom window, but eventually found two black 9-3 2.0T's parked in a line of 9-7x SUV's. We got out and walked around the car. I looked at the revised exterior and looked through the window at the interior, but ... there was no spark at all. In fact, I enjoyed the 2008 9-5 parked next to it much better despite the apparent fact that it is now the smaller of the two.

But who am I? I am a former SAAB owner. Why take my opinion for anything? Everyone else likes it. For instance, this evening I found an electronic copy of Winding Roads magazine on Ebay Motors (download) with a write-up about the new 9-3 with XWD. The article oozed with flattery about the car. It seems that they can't say enough good about it.
Having tested the system [XWD], we wouldn't order a 9-3 without it.

The cars we drove—one of each model—were noticeably smoother and quieter than any previous 9-3 we've driven.

Now if they'd only bring back the coupe!
There must be something I'm missing. I'm just not attracted to the new design at all. But then again, who am I?

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