Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mystery Car XXVIII

Here is one you will probably know nothing about. I stumbled across pictures in an internet advertisement or would have "no clue" as to what it was. Speaking of clues, take a close look at this first picture. Looking close may tip you off about this unusual form of transportation. Any guesses?


Katrina said...

Did you color in the grill, or does it really look like that on the front?

Andy Rupert said...

Good question. The car actually looks like that. It may not have come that way from the factory, but the car runs fine with it that way.

EggsnGrits said...

Looks like a Trabant, the much-maligned East German car of the people, but even a Trabi needs cooling -- in fact, it's air cooled, so it must have the grill!

This one is electric or perhaps is rear engined, Eastern Europe seems to fit the shape.

A ZAZ? They are rear-engined. But I think that they are more adorned with chrome.

With more time, perhaps I'd get it, but this is as good as it gets today.

EggsnGrits said...

Additionally, Simca had cars that looked that way that were actually sold in the US a million years ago.

Could be a Simca body with revised underpinnings. The photo could be the US -- those street signs look to be American.

It also has the cooling/intake sticking out from the bottom of the front end.

I'm not sure...