Tuesday, October 02, 2007

At the Pump

Near the air pump at the Vine Street Speedway is a racing gas pump. Each gallon costs $5.40 (plus a luxury tax) and is good for 100 octane. Today, when I pulled in to check the air in the Jag's tires, a nice looking Porsche was filling up at that pump. It was a nice looking car with wide rims, a spoiler, but had no identifying badges at all. My inquisitive nature soon had me in a conversation with the grey headed owner of the Porsche. His "toy" was a twin turbo model which had been modified to produce approximately 630 horse power so he could beat any Z06 Corvettes that came by. For those interested, he did say that the Corvette was a better deal for the money, admitting that his cost twice as much. Now, I just had a conversation with a man who is considering a new Z06 at $80,000. Hmm... that leads me to believe that the Porsche owner was (a) driving the car in the wrong neighborhood, (b) had a body guard following him in another car and/or helicopter, and (c) that he makes a little more money than a Head Start bus driver. Yikes! Despite the high purchase price, he was happy to point out that he had saved money by purchasing after market rims from a Japanese company. The production rims would have set him back $3000 each while the others were only $1000 each. Yikes again!

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