Monday, September 03, 2007

Born from ... Butterflies?

Our family visited the Cleveland Metropolitan Zoo today (as did every other family in NE Ohio). In the butterfly greenhouse, my wife caught this picture of a butterfly on the back of my SAAB cap. Hmm... that gives me an idea. Since SAAB wants to be known for being green and many SAAB fanatics are calling for a different slogan for advertising, why not use "Born from Butterflies"?

I can see it now.
Soft, mindless, new age music fills the room as the camera focuses on a butterfly alighting on the hood of a Winter White SAAB 9-7x with desert sand interior. As the beautiful creature slowly flaps its wings, the announcer speaks about the eco-friendly aspects of SAAB's largest vehicle. His soft and gentle voice praises the benefits of planting numerous trees in the land down under while the vehicle begins to float above the highway slowly being covered by wisps of ever increasing clouds.

Muhammed Ali suddenly interrupts the moment with "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!" The sound of squealing tires and loud raucus music awakens you from your trance as out of the cloud bursts an Obsidian Black 9-7x Aero with its 8.9 liter super charged V12 engine belching fire and smoke, 36" Inca rims fanning the smoke (and butterfly) out of the picture. And to everyone's delight you quickly notice that there are seven chrome inserts on each bumper!
This, my friends, is the new image of SAAB USA. Born from Butterflies ... bring it on!

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