Thursday, August 02, 2007

What happened today, daddy?

While out delivering a package on W. 73rd St., the dock man commented about the Jaguar. When I told him how much it cost, he couldn't believe it and got someone else to look at it.
"How much you think he paid for that?"

"I don't know. $30,000?"

(laughs) "Not even close."

Apparently, the car still looks good despite its idiosyncrasies. I should have sold it to one of them. Maybe next time.

Then as I was pulling up to a light a few minutes later, a white man with a black doo rag on his head pulled alongside my car in a green Cadillac and asked if that was my last name on the license plate. When I said it was, he said that he was also a Rupert. That doesn't happen very often.

Later, I heard on the radio that the weather service had issued a flash flood warning for Cuyahogo County. And then it happened. It rained real hard. So hard that I had to pull over. Then it began to hail. Then the streets in downtown Cleveland began to flood. At one point, while driving through one intersection, the wake of the water was fender high! Yikes!

The last time I filled up, I used Sunoco 94. Sure, it costs a lot more, but the car is designed to run on only premium fuel. That leaves me with a choice of 92 or higher. But I've always used high octane in all my vehicles for better performance and mileage. What interested me today is that I didn't notice the chattering noise while accelerating with 94. But, after filling up with BP 93 today, I began to notice it again.

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