Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mystery Car XXIII

At first glance you might think that Toyota produced a four-door Celica or Supra during the mid 1980's. But that never happened. This car was produced from 1976-1986 by a European company. Suprisingly, power came from an all-aluminum V8 designed by Buick in the early 1960's. When GM ceased production of the engine due to cooling issues, this company purchased the rights to the engine. Somehow the mystery company made a success of the engine using it in its own vehicles as well as sourcing it out to other car companies.


Steven said...

Rover 3500. We had that one in Oz.

Andy Rupert said...

Good on ya, mate! You might be interested in this write-up. The owner mentioned in it would definitely fit in with hatchback lovers:

"So could anything ever replace the big Rover in his affections?
'Not really. What other executive car could carry a full-size filing cabinet in the back? Having said that, with the trend for retro styling I'm looking forward to Rover's 75 replacement. I'm hoping it will have a retro SD1 silhouette.'"

EggsnGrits said...

Rover. When I was a college intern with a bureau of our state government, I worked with a Nigerian man named Isaac. He was a real horse trader. One of the cars that he liked to buy was Rover. Why? Because he could find cars that had "transmission problems" -- they wouldn't easily shift into park or drive (can't remember). He'd discovered that most of these cars had nothing wrong with them -- the "change pocket" in the console would literally become so jammed with stuff that it was blocking the shifter movement, but you couldn't tell that the compartment had anything in it unless you removed the console. He'd buy a "distressed" Rover and sell it for a profit by simply cleaning out the console storage and detailing it.

More than a little dishonest, in my book, but he simply thought that Americans were stupid. To each his own.

The last time that I spoke to Isaac his own brother in Nigeria had ripped him off!!