Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What happened today, daddy?

This morning it happened again. This time I was in Painesville heading toward Cleveland and was armed with a decent sized clip on fan. It worked fairly well with the windows cracked 1/2 inch or so. When my first delivery sent me toward Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, I soon had to take a detour because of the flooding. Parts of I-77 and I-480 were closed during the morning. Around MLK, I did see some cars driving through 8-12 inches of water, but knowing the electrical problems water can cause (and having my share of them already) I chose to take the high road.

Thankfully, the climate control started working early on and I enjoyed first the benefits of a defroster and later the A/C. We'd been praying about that need. In fact, our youth group prayed for the Lord to provide for that last week. But I never thought his provision would be a mechanical revival of the part! It eventually stopped again, but it was nice to see God's hand even in the simple needs of life.


Doug said...

How's the delivery job working out for you especially in a Jag?

Andy Rupert said...

There are good days as in Monday where I was able to make one long trip, make good money, and visit the Flynns on the way back. There are bad days when business is slow or the car needs repaired.

You know how that goes, eh?