Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just roll down the windows!

The fan stopped working on the Jaguar. In fact, the climate control system doesn't even light up when I push the buttons. It may have something to do with the black foam that spewed out of the central vents. There is still some bigger chunks stuck in the central air vents now. Hmmm... what to do?

During a lull in the action yesterday, I called Earl of North Coast Exotic Cars and explained the situation. He told me that it could be several problems. But one common problem was climate control panel failure. He offered a rebuilt unit for $350 and installation for $40. That's probably a good price for someone who has lots of money, but I thought I could do better despite the fact that I am a wealthy Jaguar owner.

In case you didn't know, everyone who drives a Jaguar is rich. Okay?

1990 Climate Control

1993-94 Climate Control

So, instead of skipping the next month of meals, I looked on Ebay and found a working used unit for about $20. Another thing I found was that the unit's button layout was updated somewhere around 93-94. As you can see in the pictures, they made the panel a bit simpler in the second picture. My question is whether the newer style unit would work in my car.

UPDATE: First, I didn't win the Ebay auction and lost by only $1. Second, I called the Jaguar dealership in Solon and found out that climate control panels from 1988-92 will fit my car. Earl at North Coast Exotic Cars added that the 1993-94 model panels were quite different and would not work in my car. So, there we have it. Roll the windows down, indeed.

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