Friday, July 20, 2007

Just Because

It was about 5:30 pm today at the intersection of Cedar and Brainard. I was in the turn lane waiting to get back on 271 N to head toward the office, when I noticed a red 9-5 wagon. I'm not sure what it is, but I've always liked those wagons despite their diminutive interiors.

The traffic moved ahead for the driver but for some strange reason he stayed put. The way his head was leaning against the window, he was probably sick of the traffic. So, I pulled along side, rolled down the passenger window, and guestured for him to do the same.
"How do you like your car?"

"I love it. It's the only brand we've owned. We've never had any problems with them."

"Yeah, I've owned several 900s."

"Yep, we've had 900s and others. We really like 'em."

Then the light changed and I had to go. Funny, isn't it? Despite the short conversation, both of us forgot about the traffic for a moment and smiled ... just because.

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