Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gas Tank

What appeared to be a bad fuel pump was actually a bad fuel pump due to a failed fuel tank ventilation system. The lack of ventilation caused the fuel pump to work extra hard to draw fuel from the tank. (Think of sucking pop from a bottle with your mouth covering the entire opening and your nose pinched shut.) With limited ventilation, the pump created a vacuum which actually sucked in the top of the tank! This picture from ebay should give you an idea of what a good tank looks like. The top of the bad tank should have been flat but became concave. Amazing!

Thankfully, I didn't do the work myself. If I had attempted the job, I would have only replaced the pump and then wondered why it failed a month later. But Earl and the boys at North Coast Exotic Cars knew what they were doing. They diagnosed the problem, found a relatively inexpensive used tank, and fixed the problem rather quickly.

Wednesday evening, Jefferson and I prayed about the situation knowing that repairs were going to be more expensive than planned. God answered our prayers by providing me some extra work Thursday evening and an unexpected refund check from our auto insurance company! That was good both in the provision and in teaching Jefferson that God does provide in answer to our prayers (Phil. 4:6-7).

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