Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Providential Fuel Pump

Since purchasing the car, I have heard a whining noise coming from the rear of the vehicle (and it wasn't the kids). Although it didn't happen very often, when it did, it was quite annoying. The whine was constant and seemed unrelated to the rate of speed travelled — something like a bad fuel pump. On occasion, the car would lose power just for a second and then be right back at it — something like a bad fuel pump. You guessed it! The fuel pump finally failed today. However, instead of complaining, I would like to thank God for several evidences of his providence.

#1 As I am currently employed as a Reliable Runners courier, my job involves delivering packages around the greater Cleveland area. Just before the fuel pump failed, I had delivered my last package. Nobody had to make a special trip to deliver anything for me.

#2 I had both AAA Plus (which covers towing up to 100 miles) and a working cell phone. The last time I needed a tow was when the red Saab 900's transmission failed. The boys and I were headed to Peniel Bible Camp for the Father/Son Retreat. We didn't have AAA or a cell phone and ended up paying $200 for towing.

#3 The owner of North Coast Exotic Cars (to whom I had the car towed) quoted me $400 for parts and labor to replace the fuel pump. Why would I thank God for that? Consider the following Jagbits price chart and you will quickly see God's hand in leading us to exactly the right car.
1980-1987 XJ6 ... $308.14
1988-1990 XJ6 ... $245.26
1991-1993 XJ6 ... $889.54
1993-1994 XJ6 ... $613.15
As I hope you can see, God has been taking good care of us. And for that I am thankful.

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