Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tibbe Keys

As mentioned earlier, our new car came with a valet key instead of a Master. Therefore, we are unable to open the trunk even with the electric switch in the glove box. The trunk requires the slightly wider Master key. But things are not as easy as you would think. In the 1990's, Jaguar, Ford, and Merkur chose to use a Tibbe key style for some of their cars. Once you see one, you will want to take a second look. They are a bit odd.

When I inquired at the dealership about ordering a new key, the parts man asked for the key code. Not having the number in my paperwork, he volunteered to decipher the key if I would bring it in. Before driving into Cleveland I came across an eBay advertisement for the key. An Australian locksmith advertised not only the key but also provided the means by which even I could decipher the code.

I found two places in NE Ohio who service these types of keys:

North Coast Lock & Alarm (440) 327-5625
Jack in N. Olmstead (440) 777-7266

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