Monday, June 11, 2007

Three Times a Charm

My bus driving job is seasonal being tied to a pre-school. So, I got a summer job as a courier ... in the Jag! Who woulda thunk it? But to be most effective, I knew I'd have to get the trunk unlocked. So, last Thursday, I drove an hour across Cleveland to North Olmstead to get a key made. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the key blank they had. The tip of the Tibbe key was slightly narrower than my Valet key. Was it a poor replica or was that the shape of a good master key? I didn't know, but agreed to pay the $40 as long as the key worked. The locksmith agreed.

Apparently, that kind of key takes a while to cut. While he was working I read through a Chrysler Crossfire brochure and Jefferson played with the sample locks at the front of the store. We even walked across the street for a bathroon break before the first key was finished. I say first because the first key didn't quite work. It would lock the door and unlock the trunk, but that was all — no ignition and no unlocking the doors. So, we read a bit more and took another bathroom break. (Jefferson!) All in all the locksmith made three keys without success. He apologized and gave me one of the bad keys without charge. It opens the trunk and locks the doors ... and that's really all I wanted.

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