Monday, June 18, 2007

High Maintenance Theme Song

Sung to the tune of “When I Look in Your Eyes”
Download mp3 here.
When I look in your hair
Are those some rust specks from your last car repair?
Is that synthetic oil in your hair
Clumped with dirt in your hair

And it is no surprise
To see reflections of a tow truck in your eyes
You bought a lemon and you’ll pay till it dies
Are those tears in your eyes?

Autumn comes, summer dies
You see repair shops twice a week for supplies
Empty your wallet as the fuel prices rise
Hope for hail from the skies


Doug said...

I told you NOT to take that delivery job!

Andy Rupert said...

The song doesn't reflect personal problems as of yet. I'm still playing around with the idea that Jaguars require high maintenance. But I must admit that several thousand miles a month will require more maintenance than I'd like. Hopefully, this will turn in to a second job soon.