Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

I'm watching a 9-5 wagon on eBay, hoping that the price will stay in my range. It is listed as having a 2.3 L Turbo engine mated to an automatic gearbox. But as I looked through the pictures, something caught my eye. Did you notice it, too?


Swade said...

Is it missing a boost guage?

I've got a link to a VIN decoder on TS, Andy. You can check the specs of the car on that. Look in the sidebar.

A lot of 9000s didn't have a guage either, but I thought it would have been standard on a 9-5.

Andy Rupert said...

Well, it doesn't matter anymore as the bid went above my limit. Oh well. Maybe it'll be a Jag after all.

Dublin Saab said...

I think the LPT's didn't have a boost gauge.

Andy Rupert said...

That would make sense. Did they make LPTs in the US?