Saturday, May 05, 2007


After two reliable years of service, the time has come to pass our beloved Saab along to another owner. Saturday morning, we sold the Turbo to a buyer on eBay for the Buy-it-Now price of $2500. Are we happy now? I'm not sure. My "conscience" (aka eggs-n-grits) has been telling me I'll rue the day I placed the car on eBay. He must have contacted my oldest son, too. Jefferson teared up last night at the thought of selling it.
"But, dad, you're good at working on Saabs. You won't know how to work on a different car."

"Yes, but we need a bigger car for you kids."

"Well, can't you get a bigger Saab."

"Umm... well..."
After looking at what is available in our price range, we will be exploring our options outside the brand that has served us since Katie was born six years ago. But that's okay. Loyalty to a brand is pointless if the kids are squished in the back seat. At this point, we are open to several possibilities, one of which is a 1988 Jaguar XJ6 located in Pennsylvania. Apparently the parts are readily available and not as expensive as you would have thought. In any event, we will pray about it and then attempt to make a good decision within our budget. If you know of any special $2000 deals close to Cleveland, Ohio, feel free to let us know.


EggsnGrits said...

See, see? You're already ruing!

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