Saturday, May 12, 2007

Auction Results

This morning the kids and I drove down to an Akron suburb called Coventry. There we took the opportunity to test drive a rusty 1987 Jaguar XJ6. It was an interesting car but had seen better days. During the hour plus drive home, I wondered what would happen with my bid for the 1990 Jaguar XJ6. I had placed my maximum bid at $2076.99. Again, don't ask me why; it was just the number that came to mind after figuring things out.

After arriving home, I was still winning the auction with a bid of $1825.00. If you've never used eBay, you may not understand. EBay automaticaly updates your bid as others raise their own. So, with an hour to go, things were within $250 of my maximum offer. I wasn't planning on going any higher and I was leaving things in the Lord's hands, having prayed about this decision all week.

Our daughter, Katie, had to be driven to a birthday party. So, we put off lunch until 1:30 pm. But before we got out the grub, Jefferson and I ran down the stairs to the basement computer to see what the results were. Surprisingly, the bid hadn't risen any higher since we left. The result was that we won the auction for $1825. Our plans may change, but at least I am going to travel across Pennsylvania to pick up the car later this week.

I can hardly believe it.


EggsnGrits said...

Congrats! I've always liked Jaguars.

That hood needs a little TLC -- some Mother's Pre-Wax Cleaner and good carnuba

Andy Rupert said...

You're right. But at that price, I could afford to paint the car. The only other issue I can see is the pinned up headliner. I guess Saab must have installed them? :)

EggsnGrits said...

Yes, indeed. I wasn't cracking on the car, just making a helpful suggestion. I think that it looks great.

You'll miss the Saab when it snows. That's a BIG difference between the two. The Saab can't be stopped in the snow. The rear driver will fish tail all day. Fun!