Wednesday, May 09, 2007

1992 Jaguar XJS

Sharon and Trent came into work to take a walk with me during my break time. A few weeks ago, I'd seen a Jaguar XJS pull into someone's driveway, so we walked that direction to see if they would allow us to look it over. We ended up going to the wrong house, but we met another Jag owner who let us look over her 1999 XJ8 Vanden Plas (extended version). It was fairly nice, but the backseat was small for someone my size (not that I'll be sitting back there often anyway, just saying).

This eager and helpful lady walked us next door and setup a look at the XJS. It was a nice looking car with shiny black paint. The V12 made it attractive for power but ugly for economy. But all that aside, my real concern was whether I would fit in the car. Someone had noted that anyone over six feet tall shouldn't consider owning one. I'm 6' 4" with shoes on, but I still had to find out for myself. Maybe the guy was wrong? Nope. He was right. I had to use a shoe horn to squeeze behind the wheel with the seat all the way back. Yikes! That's not the car for me.

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