Friday, April 13, 2007

Where will it end?

After covering the door inserts, I had several yards of material left. So, this evening, I attempted to cover the parcel shelf. You probably noticed from the picture that it didn't turn out so well. There's something about fabric that doesn't cut as easily as paper. But that's okay because I just covered the bottom portion. If tomorrow (when I can see my work in broad daylight) I don't like the look then PRESTO! CHANGO! I'll just flip it over and swap the stoppers to the other side. And the more I look at the picture ... the more I'm thinking that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.


Then again ... maybe I'll do it tonight.

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EggsnGrits said...

Turn it over! Oy.

If you wish to 'freshen' the color of the fabric on top of the parcel shelf, get some SEM Vinyl Dye (really) and give it a spray. Your interior is the same color as mine and about in the same condition -- 'burgundy' is your color.