Friday, April 13, 2007

Trader! (pronounced trai-tor)

As much as I love Saabs, I've been keeping my eyes open to the possibility of trading mine for a different vehicle. I know. I know. I'm a traitor to Trollhattan. But realistically, I've owned five Saabs in seven years! So, I'm no Benedict Arnold ... at least not yet.

One guy was interested in trading his 1990 Ford Bronco, but that was a bit more than I really wanted. Despite the towing possibilities, the possibility of 8 mpg really turned me off. Next came the possibility of trading for a mid 90's Buick Riviera. I liked the style of the car but, as it turned out, the vehicle had engine and transmission problems. That would not have been a good idea. So, nothing has happened yet.

However, there have been several interesting possibilities. EBay Motors allows you to search for vehicles by price and location at the same time. Using this method, I came across an interesting possibility today. Someone in Strongsville, Ohio is selling/trading his 1984 Porsche 944 for whatever. It may not work out, but it looks like an interesting trade. What do you think?

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Andy Rupert said...

The owner wasn't interested and come to find out the vehicle is probably worth a bit more than mine.