Monday, April 23, 2007

New Car

As my wife dropped off our two oldest children at Mentor Christian School this morning, the janitor said, "When you're done, I need to talk to you." You can imagine the thoughts that went through her head as she walked Katie to her class. "What did they do this time?" As she began walking back down the hall, the assistant principal asked her if Mr. Scholes had talked with her. "Oh great! Now what?" With fear, trepidation, and a flock of butterflies, Sharon slowly made her way back to find out what had gone wrong.

What appeared to have been something wrong turned out to be something quite good. Someone had donated an electric toy car to the school or church. But it was decided that such a vehicle would be too difficult to share between the many children who attend. And then, for some reason, our family came to mind. How thoughtful. To whomever we owe the thanks, we offer it with many smiles. The children love the "new car." In fact, I'm thinking we'll need to start driver's education and licenses a bit earlier than expected!

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