Friday, April 13, 2007

Mystery Car XX

After swim lessons at the YMCA, Trenton and I saw an interesting old truck parked next to City Hall. But without the camera again (this is getting to be a bad habit), we had to run home before taking the picture. But as we looped around City Park, the truck began to pull away. Happily, its owner smelled roast beef and pulled into Arby's parking lot. So, after a few other distractions, I was able to return with more of the family for pictures and an interview.

The owner, Dick S. of Painesville, was still eating when we returned and offered a bit of interesting trivia about the truck.

ENGINE straight six
This was the biggest engine available until later that decade.
TRANSMISSION four speed manual
First gear was the infamous creeper gear for getting out of mud.

From the way he was muscling the wheel around the corner,
I'm thinking that this one doesn't have power steering.

STARTER floor mounted button
The dealership camped this option to the steering column!
TAIL LIGHTS Only one was required that year.
It was located on the driver's side rear fender.
VENT center mounted between hood and windshield
Look closely at the picture to see the vent.


EggsnGrits said...

Chevrolet pickup. Early 1950's. I would guess that it has Armstrong steering. Get it? Arm. Strong.

Andy Rupert said...

Good guessing. It's a 1953 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup. And as to the humor ... don't quit your day job!

ha ha