Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Exercise Challenge

In order to keep up with my 30 minutes a day President's Challenge exercise program, I've been trying a variety of exercises including calisthenics, trampoline, stretching, walking, running, and yes, a bit of hoops. It's hard to find a good challenge around here, but this week I played with someone that was pretty good. (The biggest challenge was him asking for my autograph after each game.)

If you haven't joined yet, there's still room. Simply click here and join with the following information:
Group ID Number: 57841
Group Name: Isle Kerguelen
P.S. Is it just the picture or do I have a big head?


EggsnGrits said...

Big head? Playing for the Cavaliers? Are you kidding?

That's one franchise that should shrink any big headed-ness that you may have had earlier!

Andy Rupert said...