Sunday, April 15, 2007

Any Suggestions?

In an earlier post, I mentioned the possibility of trading our Turbo for a Porsche 944. I also posted an article which began with a Bible verse about contentment. That particular verse is quite convicting to me. I should be content with what the Lord has provided our family. How many other people have a rust free, 19 year old, turbo charged vehicle which looks good and gets good gas mileage? I'd be foolish to trade or sell it. And yet I have my reasons.

The Turbo has been a reliable vehicle for us, but our family is quickly outgrowing it. Purchasing the Chevy Venture helped out with this, but when that's not available, or I'd like to take the family out for a spin, the Saab is a bit cramped for three kids. So, I'm thinking that if the right situation turned up we'd be willing to sell or trade the Saab for something a bit bigger (even my wife agrees). Unfortunately, that pretty much rules out the 944. But it does open the door for something else.

But the more I think about it, the less I like the idea of trading for a Chevy, Ford, Honda, or VW. For whatever reason, I like cars that are different—that have character. That's why I've stuck with Saabs for the past six years. It's not that I want to look better than the next guy. It's just the way I am. So, I've been looking around locally and on eBay Motors for something that might work out. It's amazing what happens when you limit eBay to $2500 and 100 miles from Painesville. There is always an assortment of interesting vehicles.

This Jaguar XJS V12 probably wouldn't be good on gas. But it sure would be interesting to drive from the wrong side of the car.

This 1965 Chevy Corvair Monza would be interesting, but the bid is at $1500 and hasn't reached the reserve price yet. With rebuilt engine and carburetors it would probably last for quite a while.

There's always room for a Scooby Do Mystery Machine like this 1963 Ford Falcon van. Buy it now for $1800!
Besides calling me a traitor to Saab, what do you think? Any ideas for something interesting in the $2500 price range?


EggsnGrits said...

If you really have the jones to get a new vehicle and you need more room, good gas milage and a bit of character, think turbo brick. Yes, the evil Volvo 240-series turbocharged tanks are great for hauling da peeps, pretty good on gasoline and they've got character. On the downside, I had one in the late 1980s and I'll say this: they drive like the trucks that they are. Body wallow galore. They feel heavy next to the Saab, fo' sho'.

A second generation 9000 turbo would be a good choice, but they aren't that much roomier than the 900. Better in/out with the additional doors.

Finally, there's always the odd German car floating around -- try the Bimmer 5-series wagon with the dual sliding roof (I considered one last summer for a hauler) or an M-B turbo diesel. Stay away from the C-series!

For real character, it's hard to beat the Saab.

EggsnGrits said...

Oh, and check and, too. Always good stuff on those sites.