Friday, April 27, 2007


While waiting for our bank to open, my son and I decided to wait in the parking lot of Classic Saab of Mentor, Ohio. After finishing my cappuccino, we walked through the lot admiring the inventory. Despite my winter test drive comments, the 9-7x models still looks good from the outside. As it should be, a salesman found us rather quickly. During our conversation, I learned that Classic had brought in eight more Saabs recently. I guess that is a good number of sales for them.

Before leaving, we took a stroll through the show room. I like the poster size Saab prints they have in the waiting room. They feature older models including the 99, 96, and 95 models. But what really caught my eye was the price tag in the window of the 2007 9-3 floor model. It read $24,765. I stared at the price for about 20 seconds. Could that be right? A salesman who happened to be waling by answered my question. This particular car was a 2.0T which had about 3000 miles on it because it had been used as a loaner(?). Note that the price already included the $5000 discount. Even so, the car should sell rather quickly—especially in a Cadillac-Saab dealership.

No, I didn't trade in the Turbo. (Bus driver's make good money—just not that good.) But you must admit that this will be a good deal for somebody.

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