Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Wheels

A year or so ago, I found a lonely black '88 SPG sitting in a junkyard in Geneva, Ohio. At that time, I purchased the APC box and asked how much the owner wanted for the three spoke rims. At the time, he wanted $50 each. That's a pretty good price, but I just haven't been able to convince myself to do it. But I haven't forgotten them either.

So, yesterday, my youngest son and I visited the beast again to hopefully salvage a working speedometer as the repair job turned out to be cost prohibitive. I did find a speedometer from a nice convertible, but I couldn't help but notice the SPG wheels still on the car. So, when I got back to the counter, I began a little conversation with the owner.
"Not much left on that black Saab back there. Looks like it's stripped clean."

"Yeah, you better get what you want from it because I'll have an empty field pretty soon."

"Gonna scrap it, eh? Hmm... whadya want for the wheels on that car?"




"$35 a piece."

"Hmm ... okay."
Now I've got a 1988 900 Turbo with SPG rims and APC box. If you ask me, things are looking pretty good. The pictures below are of the car parked next to Fitzgerald's Bed & Breakfast. My wife and I stayed there a few years ago and loved it. They graciously gave me permission to take the picture today.