Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How much would you pay?

With my new set of SPG three spokes, I was wondering what to do with these. I had scavenged them from my wife's 93 9000 Turbo before we sold it. But I wasn't completely satisfied as the rear tires rubbed the wheel wells over bumps—especially when full of kids, on a long trip, with luggage, Christmas presents, and a car top carrier. But that was to be expected as the rims are 1/2" wider than stock 900 rims.

I decided to advertise them on Saabnet.com as another set had sold there for $400. Why not? It all sounded good until after I payed for the advertisement and found that others were selling SPG rims for less or were offering the same set with racing tires for quite a bit less. Yep, you guessed it. Nobody's contacted me yet. So, I placed them on eBay tonight for a much lower price.

Think anyone will bite?


EggsnGrits said...

Andy: I got a set off a 9k just like those for my 'vert for $100 plus $50 to box and ship from Indianapolis to Nashville. I figure that the guy netted $105.

The caps needed some repainting, but otherwise they were in great shape. Sometimes people want 'em, other times they don't.

Andy Rupert said...

Thanks for the insight. If they don't sell I know a Saab owner with starburst rims which might be interested. We'll see.