Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Who else but a Saab owner?

Saabnet.com tells the story of a man who reunited a Saab owner with a panel that had fallen off his car. Recognizing the rarity of the part, he was thoughtful enough to post this notice on the internet:
Last Wednesday during the snow storm I found something in the road specific to an SPG. If you can tell me what it is and the approximate area in New Hampshire where I would have found it I'll return it to you. Otherwise it will go into my collection.
Thankfully, the owner noticed the notice and was able to retrieve the part.
Dan stopped by last night and picked up his panel. Then he got stuck in my driveway trying to leave. So my twisted plan to lure a SPG to my house and take it worked! I got him a shovel and went to find a tow strap, sand, and a flashlight. By the time I got back with the flashlight he had dug the car out enough to back it up onto the driveway, so no new SPG for me. I'm just glad to be able to reunite the part with the car. And no, I can't see this happening with every car make. Can you imagine this? "Yeah, I found a Type R wing. Is anyone missing it?" I can't...
He has a point there.

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