Monday, February 12, 2007

Trailer Hitch

I've been thinking about having a trailer hitch put on the new van for future car hauling projects. There wasn't enough pressure to start the project until a man in New York offered a free Saab 900 parts car. That led to a visit to the salvage yard on Lane Road where I purchased a class 3 hitch for $35. It had a good amount of surface rust, so I took a wire brush to it and washed it before applying a bit of paint this afternoon.

Tom Hurst, a friend from church, has offered to help me install it either Tuesday or Thursday evening. A Better Hitch will be installing the wiring Wednesday afternoon. So, here's hoping I'll be traveling to New York by Friday at the latest. I plan to rent a car hauler for the job, but am open to borrowing a trailer if one becomes available.

BTW, did you know that you could order a trailer hitch for Classic 900 cars? Apparently, they are built to handle a small amount of weight. I wouldn't pull a car hauler with my Saab (especially after losing the last one's transmission!). But, it was interesting to see this unit for sale on eBay.

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