Friday, February 23, 2007

Finally, a family-friendly Saab!

I have often commented that Saab needs to make some changes in order to reach the all-important American family. Volvo has offered a seven seat wagon. Everyone else has offered a seven passenger mini-van. But all Saab could come up with was a five passenger (more like four) SUV. "C'mon Saab, you can do better!" was my battle cry.

Until today.

Enter Saab's latest offering for the family—the all new Saab 9-6!

Here's the latest modified write up:

While one might quibble with the idea of any off-the-lot car being an expression of individuality, the 9-6 certainly has a rather sporty look. It's low to the ground and has a certain sculptural silhouette from the chrome grille to the rear trailer hitch.

Inside, there appears to be more room than the smallish minivan could possibly offer: 72 inches of headroom, nearly as much legroom in the front row and wide seats that accommodate a real person's body quite nicely all around—even in the fourth row, which is traditionally a rather cramped space. There was no problem seating nine adults in this amazing vehicle!

Along with all this space are some really nifty features—the four automatic sliding side doors have power windows, easy-to-manipulate Throw Up(TM) rear bench seats, which actually fold up into the ceiling, and eight automated cup holders. There are also a bunch of storage options, like a tray that slides out from under the rear bumper, a deep center console, an air conditioned glove box, front door pockets, and a coin box which reads, "Trollhattan or bust!"
Steven Wade of Trollhattan Saab recently commented, "I think that if Saab [is] serious about BioPower, which I'm sure they are, then they should make their entire range of gasoline engines BioPower compatible." He must have been reading their minds, because Saab's latest engine is beyond belief!


Behind the stylish grille is an unusual supercharged 1.8 liter two cycle, three cylinder flex fuel engine which boasts an unheard of:

39 hp @ 5300 rpm gasoline
43 hp @ 6500 rpm diesel
48 hp @ 9300 rpm using E100

When questioned about the unusual power plant, Paveen Batish of Saab Australia was quick to respond with, "We've come a long way, baby." How reassuring. I wonder what the Aero will offer?

Well, what can I say? You asked for it.


EggsnGrits said...

Oh no you di'in't!

Andy Rupert said...

You pushed me over the eggs ... er ... edge, eggs. Your comments about the Chevy made me do it. But don't worry. The adjustments were only done in MS Paint.

Do you think this will influence Saab to build me a minivan? ha ha