Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Three 900 Projects

Project 1
After dropping off the kids at school, I stopped by a garage located off of Tyler Blvd. near Center St. I had seen two Saab 9000s parked next to the building from Rt. 2 yesterday and wondered if either would meet our need for a second car. The owner of those cars was not available, but the owner of an adjacent garage let me take his 1990 Saab 900T convertible for a test drive. He's selling it for $1800 OBO with lots of extra parts. While I enjoyed the drive, the car had two problems: the bottoms of the doors were rusted out and the back seat only holds two people. Too bad. That would have been a fun project.

Project 2
I completed what has been a month long project today — converting from passive restraint to manual three point seat belts. After experimenting with the passenger side several weeks ago, the driver's side was quite simple (that is if you consider removing the back seat, trim pieces, part of the carpet, disconnecting the computer, and bolting in the new parts). A fellow in Pennsylvania sold me the two seat belts and trim pieces for $70. I thought that was a pretty good deal.

Project 3
The final and still uncompleted project was the removal of the headliner. The worst part wasn't removing the thing, it was cleaning up the orange colored glue dust from every imaginable area of the car. But now that it's done, the interior has its own special look — bare metal. I'm wondering, though, if it's a bigger job than anticipated. I may need to hire out the upholstering or purchase a pre-fabricated unit. We'll see. In any event, a new headliner will make it look better and hopefully increase the value of the car should we choose to upgrade to a wagon ... or convertible. :^)

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