Friday, January 05, 2007

Roger Ramjet Car

I came across Roger Ramjet cartoons on Google Video tonight. They remind me of the level of art work and humor found in Under Dog. Pretty silly, but one episode reminded me of the current state of our car.
Officer: Let me see your license.

Ramjet: License, oh! Oh yes, driver’s license. Here you are officer.

Officer: Alright, Ramjet, this license is expired. You’re not supposed to be driving a car altogether.

Ramjet: Well this car isn’t really all together.
At the moment, the car is missing the instrument panel. I removed it this week to have the speedometer repaired. I also have some of the trim around the passenger door removed as I just converted to manual seat belts. The driver's side still has the tricky passive restraint system. So, Ramjet had it right. At least for now, "this car isn't really all together."

Tune in next time for another adventure ...

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