Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mystery Car XII

This little car used a turbo charged three cylinder engine to zip in and out of the frequent traffic jams in England. With the hood emblem removed, can you guess the name of this mid-90's car? Hint: It's named after a popular drink.


KatriniZambini said...

drink or beverage?

KatriniZambini said...


Look at all these RED cars!

Andy Rupert said...

Beverage would work better.

I wonder what that collector does with all those cars.

EggsnGrits said...

This is a tough one, but my third guess nailed it.

First guess (without the benefit of the hint): Nissan Figaro. Wrong.

Second guess: A resurection of the venerable Austin-Healy Sprite. (Beverage.) But, the Sprite wasn't really named after the Sprite beverage.

Third guess: Capuccino. And I had to Google to remember the manufacturer -- Suzuki. I was certain that is was a Mitsubishi, but I was wrong on that count.

Andy Rupert said...

You are awesome
You are awesome
Hit him in the head
With a big dead possum