Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rupert Christmas

A lot of memories are wrapped up in each vehicle we have owned. Beginning with the little Pontiac Le Mans acquired when we were married and continuing with the current Saab 900, God has always provided a vehicle to meet our family's needs.

This Christmas, we are also thankful for our family. God has given Sharon and I a growing relationship and the opportunity to train three energetic children to serve the Lord. We hope they will all grow up to be Saab drivers, but would be even more pleased to see them choosing to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Of all the gifts God has given us, we are most thankful for the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. Through faith in him, we have been saved from our sins and have been given an eternal relationship with God. As you celebrate Christmas with your family, I hope you will consider what he has done and thank him for all the blessings he has given.


Angello90 said...

yes Christmas time is so cool. happy Christmas dude. visit my blog. by the way, yours is nice

Andy Rupert said...

Thanks for visiting, Angello. I hope you have a meaningful Christmas.