Friday, December 08, 2006

Mr. Muffler

Yesterday morning I received a call from Sharon. While attempting to leave the school parking lot, the van refused to move. When I arrived, I found that the ball joint and CV axle were sheered off. Thankfully, the Lord limited the "accident" to a place where nobody was harmed. I called Hook's towing and then we began to talk about what was best to do. After prayer, we decided against repairing it knowing that there were several other issues that could take the price of repairs well out of reach. So, we are back to one car for the time being.

Later, when Sharon was off running some errands, Trenton and I took a walk over to several auto shops looking for cheap transportation. Our first stop was Mr. Muffler where I asked the familiar lady behind the counter if she knew of any inexpensive vehicles for sale. She didn't but took my name and number and related an encouraging story.

Some time ago, her vehicle died and she was wondering what to do. So, she prayed about it and received the answer that very day. A customer brought a Jeep in for repair and decided to sell it when he found out what needed to be replaced. So, on the spot, she took the opportunity to purchase the car from him. It was an answer to her specific prayer. She ended the story by telling me that "we just need to pray" about the car need.

How about that? Mr. Muffler Repair Shop is now offering spiritual encouragement. That was a good reminder to me of Luke 18:1. There's no need to mope about anything especially when we have a heavenly Father who will take care of our needs as we seek his face.

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