Monday, December 18, 2006

It all began when ...

One of Swade's recent articles got me thinking about our Saab experiences. I didn't know much about Saab until college. During high school, I fell in love with the Chevrolet Corvair. But dreams of owning one died when I chose to invest in education instead. Then it happened, a college friend took me for a spin in his Saab 900. As we drove the few blocks to the dining hall, I noticed the missing headliner, heard his tales of expensive car repairs, but it sure was a neat car.

Later at another college, I couldn't help but notice a red 900 turbo driven by a fun loving student. His friends would stand up through the moon roof as he drove onto campus. When the tranny died, I almost purchased the car (not knowing how costly the repairs would be) but then a tree fell on it ruining any plans that I had. So, I took the front seats out and kept them in my apartment. (Don't ask me why, it's just a Saab thing.)

Finally, after moving back to Ohio, I had the opportunity to buy my first 900. I don't remember all the details, but it was about the time my wife gave birth to our second child. She was still in the hospital when I saw a blue 900 5 speed for sale at a used car lot. After taking it for a spin, I purchased the car for the bargain basement price of $750 ... and then went to see my wife and daughter. Whoops! (Don't try this at home, boys and girls!)

Since then, we have owned a total of three 900s and two 9000s. We've had some ups and downs, but have enjoyed those we've been privileged to own. Our current ride is a 1988 900 Turbo with an SPG APC box. As we now have three children, we would like to upgrade to a wagon some day. But until then, we'll enjoy the ride.

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