Friday, December 15, 2006

How free is free?

What would you do if someone offered you a free car? If the car was local, I would look it over and determine whether or not it would end up being a bottomless pit. Well ... I'm faced with that situation. But in my case, the car is located 470 miles away.

While selling some parts from the 9000, I came across an advertisement for a free Saab Sonett which (according to the owner) needs a carburetor. Obviously, there are probably a number of other problems with the car as it has been sitting since the late nineties. But, as the local possibilities continue to disappoint, it sounds more and more attractive.


Andy Rupert said...

It wasn't meant to be. The car had already been given to someone else. But I do have a line on another 900 in Blossvale NY. We'll see.

Swade said...


I'd meant to comment on this when I first saw the post. What an opportunity!

Andy Rupert said...

After thinking through the idea, it's probably better that it didn't happen. Besides the needed repairs, I'm over 6 feet tall. I probably would have needed a moon roof just to drive it!