Friday, November 10, 2006


Anyone who knows me very well, quickly finds out that I drive the speed limit. And on any given morning, I usually have a retinue of unhappy drivers riding my bumper. Even police cruisers pass me in Painesville. While it seems a bit odd, I think it's right for a Christian to do so. Obeying the law is one way of showing my respect for God given authority.

Since my speedometer started acting up, I've had to guess at how fast I'm driving. I pretty much gauge me speed by the flow of traffic and the rpm of the engine. Some times the speedo seems accurate and other times ... well ... okay, here's what happened.

On the way to school, we often take the entrance ramp onto Route 44 which has a speed limit of 60 mph. The ramp is downhill, which adds to the excitement. Some days, I ask the kids if we should catch the driver ahead of us. So, we zip up to freeway speed and seldom have any trouble with catching the car ahead of us.

This week, however, the car ahead of us was a shiny, black Acura TL. They're supposed to have a 268 hp engine under the hood. So, when I saw the black beauty ahead of me, I decided to try to catch it. This time there was no catching him (165 hp vs. 268 hp). But the Saab ran well and kept pretty close.

When I got to the end of the ramp, I let off the gas and looked at the speedometer. What? It said I was going 115 mph! Hey, wait a minute! Either I set a new 0-100 mph record for a Saab 900 or this speedometer is really going wacky. I guess I should get it fixed ... but after I take a picture, ok? :)

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