Monday, November 20, 2006

Race Against Time

Remember those Choose-your-own-adventure books? Saab used the same idea to advertise their new 9-3 wagon. After playing the online Race Against Time several times, I think this was the perfect way to get people interested in the brand.
Can you take the dynamic new 9-3 SportWagon out of the city and arrive at Hazard Point, your sporty weekend destination, unscathed? ... You'll need all of your wit, charm and driving skills to arrive in one piece—let alone beat the clock. Good luck, and enjoy your adventure.
H/T Trollhattan Saab


Floppy Top said...

After four attempts, my best time is 3:09:31.

Andy Rupert said...


floppytop said...

Did you catch the bad guy?

Andy Rupert said...

Yes, and I bet I parked the car faster than you!