Thursday, November 02, 2006

Good timing!

This week, we've had a bit of rain in Painesville. And as the Bridgestone Touring tires on the front of the Saab have been a bit slippery, I scheduled the car for a pair of replacements. I've been keeping my eyes on the Nokian brand for a while after hearing a good report about their snow tires. My first choice is still the Goodyear Triple Treads, but they were about $40 more per tire. So, I settled for Nokian i3 all-season tires. I can't give much of a report about them yet after only three miles. But it was perfect timing to get them. We got our first snowfall to cover the ground. There is always something for which to thank the Lord.

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Linda said...

hey, this has nothing to do with the snow or tires, but check out the spirit week pics on my site. I posted a picture in there especially for you. :)