Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You know you're a Saab fanatic when ...

  1. You kind of like the word quirky.

  2. You know what and where Trollhattan is.

  3. Your children grew up thinking that the ignition is normally in between the seats.

  4. You know what Sonett and Viggen mean in Swedish.

  5. You don't mind having a four cylinder engine.

  6. You have considered adding a turbo charger to your wife's mini van.

  7. Every family picture includes your car.

  8. You kept your car in the driveway for a year after losing the transmission.

  9. You store parts in your basement and garage which you will never use again. But you don't mind.

  10. You have Saab seats somewhere in your home.

  11. You are discouraged but a quick spin in the Saab brings you back.

  12. You have slept in the back of your car.

  13. You are saving up for a custom built mattress that fits the contour of the hatch back.

  14. You stop to help stranded Saab owners without thinking about the neighborhood you are in.

  15. You wave at Saab drivers you don't know.

  16. They wave back.

  17. You wouldn't mind driving the same car for 20 years.

  18. You don't care when people refer to you as a nut, a fanatic, or a lunatic.

  19. You are happy.

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